What Is a CNA

What is a CNA? CNA is a certified nursing assistant who work in different health care centers, day care centers, hospitals, emergency rooms, and surgery room etc. a certified nursing assistant works under the supervision of train nurse or physician.

Certified nursing assistants get their basic training in health care. What is a CNA? CNA is one takes care of the patient when he needs his help ranging from their deity needs to changing cloths. Duty of a CNA varies from location to location where he serves.  For example if a certified nursing assistant works in an emergency room than his duty is assist in the trauma cases. In the emergency room trauma cases are handling where CNA provides first aid treatment. If a CNA works in the surgery room, he helps in sterilizing equipments or taking care patients. While if he serves in retirement home or old homes, his duties will entirely be different.

CNA is a person who treats patients with love, care, affection and devotion. They not only take care of patient’s every need but also help in mental recovery. Certified nursing assistant needs to be patient as he is dealing different people having different behavior.

What is a CNA? And why CNA is needed is important question.

What is CNA?CNA is a person assists nurses and doctors. CNA is needed because of the shortage of registered nurses in the United States. Many vacancies are opening in the field of CNA to help patients and assist doctors and nurses.

Certified nursing assistant performs many duties depending on the shift time. If CNA works in the morning shift then he has to work starting from taking patient from the bed, getting him ready, basic hygiene and helps in breakfast. If CNA works in night shift than he gives patients his medicines, getting into the bed, making bed etc.

The amount of work a CNA needs to perform also varies the shift to shift. Usually in the morning shift CNA has to perform more than in the night. As in the night, patient goes to sleep and he takes care he needed something or not.  Most of the time certified nursing assisting perform tasks as “fetch me a glass of water or some book”, “pass me a book”, “set the pillow” etc.

CNA is a person who usually spends more time with the patient than doctors, nurses or patient’s relatives with him. They usually develop a psychological bonding with the patient. They understand their patients well, understanding their demands and needs. Most of the time, CNA is the one who briefs the relatives about the patients conditions. As Certified Nursing Assistant spend a lot of time with the patients, he needs to be patience.

The usual routine follow by a certified nursing assistant is supervising nurse or agency briefs with the day tasks and assign duties. In the morning, assists in getting ready and assisting in taking to the breakfast etc. when a shift changes, CNA will brief about the patient to new duty CNA.  It is part of the duty to take care whether patient is allergic to something or not, taking vital records etc.

The above mention tasks are the basic ones which each nursing assistant has to perform. There are minor alterations to duties depending on the workspace he employed. If the nursing assistant is performing his duties in surgery room, apart from taking care of basic needs it is his responsibility to prepare for the surgery, caring pre and post surgery condition and assists during the surgical process.

To better understand what is a CNA? is to know how they work.

Certified nursing assistants are the one who get basic training of about 150-200 hours in a hospital or day care center. They complete their training in the course of four to six months time period. Once a person complete their training hours and course work classes is ready to appear in the exams. If he passes the exams, he get job in the market. For getting a good CNA job, certification is plus point. If one is willing to start their carrier in the field of nursing, certified assistant nursing is good starting step. It is easier to transfer from certified assistant nursing to nursing as he understands the work and easier to practice.

What is a CNA? is a person who attains following set of qualities as devotion, ambition, love, tolerance, happiness and care. Devotion is needed for a certified assisting nurse because if he not devotes himself towards the work will not able to perform his duties sincerely. Dedication and devotion helps nursing assistant to achieve what he is trying to get. If a person is ambitious to help others, he will get self satisfaction. Tolerance is important in this field, as stated above dealing different patients having different temperament needs a lot of tolerance. If assisting nurse tolerates the behavior of the patients without losing his own temperament, help them in a best way. Love and care are important key qualities certified nursing assisting possess. Taking care of patients with love and affection helps in fast recovery. Happiness is the most important factor a certified nursing assistant must have because if he always remains happy spreads positive energy.

Certified nursing assistant is the one whose salary range differs from state to state depending on the local laws. An assisting nurse receives an average of $8- $ 20 per hour and yearly $1500-$3000 depending on the location. If he works in a metropolitan city or urban area get more wages as compared to rural or far off places.

Certified nursing assistant gets some benefits as well. They receive health insurance, medical care and bounces. If a person certifies in nursing assistant, gets better job market.

The answer to what is a CNA? lies within the definition of certified nursing assistant.

Certified nursing assistant helps doctors, nurses and work only under supervision. They help doctors and nurses in taking care of patients in any form whether to make beds or taking care in trauma centers. Certification of nursing assistant helps in getting better paid job with bounces.

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