How Do I Get Rid Of Hives?

Recently, I have been suffering from hives. I have no idea where I suddenly got this condition, but after searching furiously online for remedies and cures on how to get rid of hives. I finally found a site which provided me all the information I needed to help eliminate the hives. Hives is a really embarrassing condition to me as it seems as if I have been infected with some sort of disease. My hives personally spread throughout my neck and arms, after trying out multiple remedies I found online and both from my local market. I have come to the conclusion that baking soda works the best!

what are the best home remedies for hives

Baking soda is easily prepared, and can be found in almost every household. To apply this remedy, it is super easy and effective. Just mix baking soda with some lukewarm water and mix them together, afterwards apply it naturally onto the affected area. For the best result, it is best to repeat this process over and over again.

Another really useful tip I used was to avoid scratching and touching the hives. Even if it was unbearable, I simply resisted it. I distracted myself whenever I had the urge to scratch myself. Scratching the hives does no good, and will only cause more harm and further worsen the hives. It is also best to avoid friction on the sin and wear lose clothing. Clothing such as large t-shirts, large pants, etc can help loosen the skin and allow the skin to breathe. Avoid wearing tightly fitted clothing as it only causes more irritation against the skin and will eventually leave you to scratch yourself.

Also, be sure to avoid hot or warm moisture, protect yourself whenever you leave your home against the hot skin. You should also try to avoid really hot baths and showers as they can occasionally irritate the skin causing you to itch yourself. It is also important to consider the temperature in which you bathe in, bathing in lukewarm water is the best option.

Frequently, apply lotion onto the skin to sooth the skin and to relive the hives. Some recommended lotions can be found in your local supermarket. Some work better than others, it is all about testing which works best for you.

There are also several natural home remedies for hives that you can try such as ginger, turmeric, soda bicarbonate, etc. I personally have tested most of these but have still found that baking soda works best for me. To apply ginger you would have to chew on it everyday as well as apply a mixture of crushed ginger onto the skin. I personally hate the smell and taste, thus try to avoid this remedy. You are free to try this remedy if you are not scared of the smell of ginger. Like all the other remedies, this is not a onn day miracle treatment, you must be willing to continuously apply this remedy for a few weeks at least. The longer the better as it’ll property determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

If all else fails, I would highly recommend go seeing your local doctor as they can give you a invaluable insight as to why you are suffering from hives. Hives is a curable disease , thus you do not need to be worried as one day you will eventually find a cure for this annoying and embarrassing condition. Another quick story to boost your confidence, is that my younger brother from my parent’s side had been suffering from hives for almost 3 years before he finally got rid of it. Although it did take 3 years for him to get rid of his hives, he never gave up. He was never sad about having hives or complaining, he simply lived with it knowing that one day he’ll be freed.

Hopefully this article has given you a insight as to how to cure your hives.



In the medical terminology, CNA stands for certified nursing assistant. CNAs are those individuals that get the certification from schools, colleges, universities and other institutes of the country for adopting nursing as a profession.

CNAS have responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to do the work of patients’ care like they have to take care of the patient, in the sense that they have to measure vital signs like temperature, blood pressure and weight of individual etc.

They also help the patient in bathing, mobilizing, serving meals, cleaning the rooms and washrooms, setting the equipment, ensuring the working of equipment, toileting the patient, changing the bed sheets, changing the dress of patient and many more tasks.

They have to inform the supervisor about the patient’s condition. They do a lot of work. They are considered to be the back bone of hospitals because a great proportion of work is done by them.

Becoming a CNA:

Any person can become a cna if he fulfills the following conditions;

  1. She must be 18 years old.
  2. She should have passed the high school qualification.

If these conditions are satisfied then the person can become can after taking the training on that.

Training may consist of classes and on-the-job training. In classes usually the theoretical work is done by the individuals. They get the required knowledge of nursing and then apply it. After this they have to appear in the exam. In exam they would have two tests. One of them is written and the other is clinical test.

In the written test 60 to 75 multiple choice questions are asked from the students. They have to get 75% marks or more than 75% in this test for appearing in the exam. However, they have to pass the clinical test as well before appearing in this exam.

For appearing in the test, the student should be good at both the tests. They should listen lectures with full concentration. They should also refer handouts and the other material related to the training. Students should be good at extra-curricular activities because these activities help the students to get knowledge.

Now we have to look how long does it take to become a CNA?

Every one of us is so busy in this world and even don’t have time for the mandatory work. Whenever we get admission in a school, college, university or anywhere in the world. We look at time, how long will it take to give me my desired output? Sometimes, we get the desired output in a very short period of time and sometimes it takes a lot of time.

The same scenario is applied with the CNAs. They are also interested to get answer of such a critical how long does it take to become the can/

Well, the answer is very simple as compare to the critical question. People are adopting the can profession and they have know how about how long does it take to become a CNA?

Most of the people are not adopting can profession as well because of time constraints.

In any program whether it is a program of engineering or of medical, arts or of science or of can-the duration of program varies from state to state.

Same scenario is applied to the can program, its duration varies from border to border. CNA program consists of training and exam as described above.

The training of cna depends on the program that you are learning and it also depends on the time whether you are a part-time or a full-time student. In some cases, people want a to the point answer of how long does it take to become a CNA? And those times we usually get fail in answering it because again it varies from country to country. In some cases the training program takes three weeks but in some programs it also takes eight weeks. The length of training program also varies from the requirements of the state. In other words we can say that in one state there is the requirement of 8 weeks training so that state would go for 8 weeks training depending on its requirements. We can also assume that in the other state there is need of 10 weeks training so that state will go for 10 weeks training. These requirements do differ because of difference of knowledge and skills among the individuals across different countries.

Training length also varies from college to college, hospital to hospital, institute to institute with in a same country. How long does it take to become a CNA also depends on the state regulation, need of required knowledge and aptitude of students.

Importance of CNA:

No matter how long does it take to become a CNA, CNAs have their own importance;

  1. Those who want to adopt nursing should go for can because CNA is a key element of nursing.
  2. CNAs are very empathetic.
  3. CNAs are caring. They take care of patients as of their own.
  4. They respect elders and disabled and try their level best to make them out of poor health conditions.
  5. CNAs are very passionate. Even though they face adverse situation but still they are dedicated towards their work.
  6. They cooperate with the patients and with the supervisors.
  7. They always give care to others.
  8. They are given less salaries but still they are very good at their jobs.

Challenges faced by CNAs:

CNAS face a number of challenges; some of them are given below;

  1. They face very pathetic conditions.
  2. Throughout the day they are around the sick people so they face complexity.
  3. They are paid less than their work.
  4. They see a great number of deaths all the day and this makes them very fearful.
  5. They also become fearful when they see the condition of aged people around them.
  6. Sometimes, they have to face a lot of burden.
  7. They need to put 100% concentration in their work because their work is very delicate.

How long does it take to become a CNA is very easy now.

So the one who is truly interested in becoming CNA should keep the criteria of becoming CNA and challenges faced by CNA .